2014 Camaro and Camaro Z/28 Z28 Z-28 information specs

Had MANY questions via phone, email and facebook, so here I go:

What’s new about the 2014 Camaro?
For the 2014 model year, Camaro takes things to the next level in the key areas that have always made it unique – design and performance. Functionality and technology have also been enhanced to help this icon remain a sales leader in its segment. There’s also the return of the iconic Z/28 model late in the 2014 model run.

What are the key exterior highlights?
The restyled 2014 Camaro incorporates a new exterior design that is sleeker, lower, wider and more aggressive. There are new front and rear fascias, new headlamps and taillamps, new decklid and spoiler, new rear diffusers and new exhaust tips. The Camaro SS model will feature a unique hood.  Camaro models equipped with the available RS Exterior Appearance Package will feature a unique front grille. There are also three new exterior colors available  – Red Hot, Bright Yellow and Red Rock Metallic.

Why doesn’t the Camaro ZL1 share the new exterior design?
The rear appearance of the 2014 Camaro ZL1 is restyled including the rear fascia, decklid, spoiler and tail lamps. The front fascia of the Camaro ZL1 is carry over for 2014 to help it maintain a unique identity and continue to meet specific downforce and cooling needs of this model.

How will the RS Exterior Appearance Package change for the 2014 model year?
The available RS Exterior Appearance Package will include separate fog lamps and Daytime Running Lamps. It will offer a unique appearance both in the front and in the rear of the vehicle with a differentiated front upper grille, HID headlamps and LED taillamps.

What are the key interior highlights?
Inside, the 2014 Camaro features a new color Head-Up Display and new color Driver Information Center on 2LT, 2SS and ZL1 models. The current monochromatic Driver Information Center carries over on LS, 1LT and 1SS.  The Camaro SS and ZL1 coupes now offer available Recaro® performance front bucket seats.  Also, there will be a new optional Blue Interior Accent Package available on 2LT and 2SS models.

When will the 2014 Camaro be in dealerships?
The 2014 Camaro will start arriving in dealerships late summer of 2013.

Will pricing change for the 2014 model year?
Pricing will be announced at a later date.


Why bring Z/28 back into the Camaro lineup?
The Z/28 name is one of the most recognizable in the automotive industry. This highly desirable nameplate is the right vehicle at the right time that showcases the latest innovation, advanced technologies and performance engineering from Chevrolet. It follows the introduction of the new seventh-generation Corvette Stingray and the Chevrolet SS performance sedan (the first rear-wheel drive V8 sedan in 17 years) and represents the latest performance statement from Chevrolet.

How does today’s model compare to the first-generation model?
Like the first-generation Z/28, today’s vehicle is a road racer first, and street machine second. It will utilize a wide range of state-of-the-art exterior performance modifications, extreme mass saving measures such as optional air conditioning, and it has been engineered for the road course (priority given to cornering performance and lap times, then horsepower and torque numbers.)

What engine will be offered on Z/28?
The Camaro Z/28 will utilize the hand-assembled LS7 engine – the most powerful naturally aspirated small block V8 GM production engine ever (originally introduced and proven in the Corvette Z06.) The premium materials of this engine help it enable a 7000 rpm redline making it the perfect fit for this road course, corner-carving Z/28 Camaro. The engine is estimated to deliver over 500 horsepower and 470 lb.-ft. of torque.

How fast will the Z/28 be in 0-60? In the quarter mile?
The true performance of the Z/28 will be measured in lap times, not straight-line performance. To preserve the track-focused nature of the Z/28, it doesn’t have the strengthened differential and half shafts of the ZL1, and is not recommended for drag racing. The new Z/28 is designed to be the most track-capable Camaro ever produced by the factory.

What’s unique about the exterior and interior of Z/28?
The Z/28 incorporates (and in some cases eliminates) features with the goal of enhancing road course performance. Air conditioning is an optional feature in an effort to save mass. A standard 19-inch wheel and Pirelli Trofeo R summer-only tire package contributes to a lower center of gravity and outstanding lateral performance while standard Recaro®front seats provide sport performance bolstering.

How does Z/28 differ from Camaro ZL1?
Both vehicles are worthy of their names. The original ZL1 engines, installed in 1969 Camaros, were at the time the most powerful engines ever put into a Chevrolet street car. Today, the modern ZL1 is the most powerful Camaro we have ever produced, with 580 horsepower and incredible performance on the street, drag strip or road course. Similarly, the original 1967 Camaro Z/28 was created as a street-legal road-racing car, powered by a lightweight, smaller engine for better handling. The new Z/28 pushes the limits as a completely track-focused Camaro, including a lighter, naturally-aspirated V8 engine.

Who are the competitors for the Z/28? How does it compare to Mustang?
Looking specifically at lap times, the Z/28 will rival the best performance cars in the world. However, there really are no direct competitors on the market, as the Z/28 pushes Camaro performance even further beyond its traditional competitors.

When will it be available? How many will be produced?
The 2014 Camaro Z/28 will be available in Spring of 2014. Only a limited number will be produced. Distribution plans will be announced closer to the start of production.

How much will it cost?
Pricing will be announced at a later date. The Z/28 will be positioned above the ZL1 due to the fact that it features the very best, race-proven equipment on the market.

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April 15, 2013 Order Guide Available
April 17, 2013 Training Webcast
May 2013 Buildout Consensus of 2013MY
June 2013 1st Consensus & DOSP cycles
Price Announced
Late Summer 2013 Start of production
*Key Dates for 2014 Camaro Z/28 will be announced at a later date.


The Z/28 (RPO Z28) model returns for the 2014 model year (arriving in Spring 2014). This historic nameplate harkens back to its first generation roots with a track-focused design and equipment engineered for competitive driving. Feature highlights include:

(LS7) hand-assembled naturally aspirated small block 7.0L V8 engine (GM-estimated 500+ horsepower and 470 lb.-ft. of torque) 305/30ZR19 Pirelli PZero Trofeo R summer-only tires1 19-inch x 11-inch front and 19-inch x 11.5-inch rear forged aluminum wheels Recaro® performance seats (driver and front passenger) Red Hot, Black, Summit White, Silver Ice and Ashen Gray exterior colors


New front and rear fascias, new headlamps and taillamps, unique SS hood, unique RS front grille, new decklid and spoiler, new rear diffusers and exhaust tips (front appearance on ZL1 is carryover to maintain specific downforce and cooling needs)

New (G7C) Red Hot exterior color

New (G7D) Bright Yellow exterior color

New (G7P) Red Rock Metallic exterior color

(WRS) Available RS Exterior Appearance Package now includes separate fog lamps and Daytime Running Lamps. The package will also offer a unique appearance up front and in the rear of the vehicle — the front grille, headlamps and taillamps (LED) are differentiated

(SGE) 18-Inch Silver Painted Aluminum Wheels standard on LS


New (AYZ) Recaro® Performance Front Bucket Seats (available on SS and ZL1 coupe models only)

New (UV6) Color Head-Up Display (standard on 2LT, 2SS and ZL1)

New (UDD) Color Driver Information Center (standard on 2LT, 2SS and ZL1)

New (BRD) Available Blue Interior Accent Trim Package



  • (HWS) Hot Wheels® Special Edition, including (GHF) Kinetic Blue Metallic exterior color no longer available
  • (BRH) Mojave Interior Accent Trim Package no longer available
  • (VTD) Argent Ground Effects Package no longer available
  • (DSH/DSJ/DSK) Hockey Stripe Packages no longer available
  • (DSC/DSF/DSD) Hood and Hockey Stripe Packages no longer available
  • (WRS) RS Exterior Appearance Package now includes separate fog lamps and Daytime Running Lamps


  • (GCN) Victory Red exterior color no longer available
  • (GCO) Rally Yellow exterior color no longer available
  • (GCR) Inferno Orange Metallic exterior color no longer available
  • (VRV) Quarter Flares no longer available
  • (SER) 21-Inch 5-Spoke Wheels no longer available
  • (5W5) 21-Inch Aluminum Wheels with Silver Accents no longer available
  • Rear spoiler no longer standard on ALL models – standard on SS coupe and included with (WRS) RS Exterior Appearance Package on LT coupe models; standard on all convertible models with integral antenna
  • (SGE) 18-Inch painted aluminum wheels now standard on LS
  • (VAS) Body-color grille now available in all 9 exterior colors
  • (SB3) Body-color rear spoiler now available in all 9 exterior colors

2014 z/28 z28 interior picture

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