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2014 Z28? Something BIG (like 7.0) is coming!

Thanks to my informants for THIS contribution…. I got to LOVE the 2014 Engine choices!

2014 Z28 coming? 7.0 engine - yummy

2014 Z28 coming? 7.0 engine – yummy

Z28 Trademark activity !

Thanks to my friends over at we learn that the Z28 nameplate trademark has just been filed for by GM!

To learn more, go to:

Z28 parts on a ZL1????

Is this REALLLLLLY news worthy? Not really…


It’s no surprize the ZL1 was planned to be called the Z28, then changed months before production, after some internal discussions (or arguements, depending who you talk to) on the “meaning” of the Z28 nameplate.  In fact, it was announced to dealers as the Z28 (you might remember, one dealer leaked this news against GM wishes to gain popularity) back at a dealer conference of upcoming products.

With the internally named “Super Camaro” running loose in the secluded hills of Michigan, being dubbed as the “most impressive CHEVROLET ever (not just Camaro…CHEVROLET)” by some anonymous GM Mystery caller of mine….could this have been the truth, or just a GM ploy for me to cause a Camaro distraction, I don’t know….but I’d surely like to THINK  that there’s a Camaro out there that is the most impressive Chevrolet ever built….and if it is, it surely would be worthy of the Z28 nameplate.

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